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Whenever you think of a moment, you think of capturing it, sharing it, loving it, express feelings towards it. It has always been thought that moments are not to be kept for ourselves only, as no value they have if not shared.

This is how the story about Queet was born.
We want to capture the moment quickly accompanied with a pleasant talk – it’s what Queet means. Travelling is something we all love, attending interesting events also... or simply we want a chit-chat to create new friendships and that’s what we want to offer to you, dear users.

30 seconds video

Queet App.

Rate the moment

  • Connect (tap to queet)
  • User Profile
  • Add friends
  • Chatting with friends
  • Choose rating options
  • Settings
Manage your profile

Manage your profile

Edit your profile photo by tapping and choosing one of the three available options.

Manage your location and see the number of your queets and ratings.

Different rating options

You enjoyed the call? Now you can rate it!

With long press on the screen over the user you see, choose one of the three rating options and share your appreciation.

Different rating options